Trygve Wakenshaw (pronounced trig-vee) is a great performer who specialises in physical comedy. He’s very funny with his body and his face and his ability to turn a black box theatre into a strange and magical world which charts the contours of his imagination. As proof of this you may choose to look at any one of the tentacled trilogy he created; Squidboy, Kraken, or Nautilus. All three of these shows have enjoyed nominations, awards, future seasons and warranted success.

Trygve’s performance beyond these three shows sees him dipping his toes into the worlds of theatre, live comedy and cabaret, with television in his sights.

Trygve’s career began with an autodidactic theatre education, sponging ideas of theatre from the Auckland theatre industry and testing them out with his creative company Theatre Beating (NZ). He then went to France to study with now much-revered Philippe Gaulier, from 2008 until 2010.

Trygve returned to Ecole Gaulier as a guest teacher in 2014.

Trygve has management oversight from the production company Don’t Be Lonely, and is also represented by international booking agents Aurora Nova.



Awards include:

Best Comedy Adelaide Fringe 2015 - KRAKEN

Best Comedy Perth Fringeworld 2015 - KRAKEN

Underbelly Edinburgh Award 2014 - KRAKEN

Best Comedy “The Fred” NZ Comedy 2014

Best International Act, Busan International Comedy Festival 2016


Nominations include:

Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award 2015 - Nautilus

Barry Award 2014 - KRAKEN

Golden Gibbo Award 2014 - KRAKEN

Total Theatre Award 2013 - Squidboy