Workers Day / by Trygve Wakenshaw

All the shops around me are closed. But I did make myself a fantastic coffee this morning. And had a beer for lunch.  

But the sun is out. Everyone is out in parks, walking dogs and babies, heading out of town for a day of picnics. 

Its nice to sit back and think about my unconventional working life. Working the hours that others seek entertainment, the days that others seek rest. And now with a new show to make for Edinburgh Fringe in three months time I will spend the summer in a rehearsal room while others holiday.  

But I like this life. I like that my work gets bottled up and bottlenecks and crams itself into existence then explodes in an exhausting amount of time and then it goes back to stillness.  

Today I'm having a rare moment of stillness at the same time as the country around me.