Brighton Fringe / by Trygve Wakenshaw

Tomorrow Brighton Fringe kicks off for a month worth of brilliant shows, so i thought i will make a little list of SEVEN SHOWS YOU SHOULD SEE!!

First off, I will plug my show Nautilus. Two shows only at the wonderful The Old Market theatre on the 1st and 2nd of June. (Tickets here). This show has just been to Melbourne Comedy Festival and boy, it has become a refined and sensational piece of physical comedy. 

Second Off, Odjo: King of the Ocean. Again, I'm blowing my own trumpet here. a little bit. I recorded my voice for the "narrator" role on this show. And i spent a week in a room with Ed when he was first wanting to make a new thing. I suspect this will be the lumpy first run of this show, but the man is a powerhouse of manic energy and I'd love to get your opinions on this show. I think he's mad. ;) (tickets here)

Thirdly, Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never be Caught! As a new father, i am now deeply aware of the desire to take your children to theatre comedy idiot shows. And This is one which i would be first in line to. Lovely, friendly, funny, silly, charming, hippo, clowns. (tickets here)

Fourth, Jonny & The Baptists: Eat The Poor. Sharp Thinking musical comedy. I think this is the safest bet on my list. These guys are slick and funny and i totally rate them. you will not have disappointment. (tickets here)

Fifthly, Macho Macho. this is my fifth pick and it is not comedy, and it's pretty zeitgeisty in that it's exploring what it means to be gender. But i'm interested in seeing work like this, physical theatre and art pieces from non-english performers. Get in quick to see any of this before the borders are closed and these performers wont come. (tickets here)

Sixly, CABARET FROM THE SHADOWS. I am due for a minigolf battle with this entire troupe of fools and i love them and everything they do. Teatro Pomodoro, You will eat golf turf when i get to brighton. Everyone else, go see these freaks. (tickets here)

Seventhly, ZACH AND VIGGO: THUNDERFLOP. These guys are like my festival boyfriends. They are super hot and really skilled at something probably. Thunderflop is their tried and tested show, It's very good, i get the giggles watching the skill machine. They are also performing another newer show. I haven't seen that one but i think you should. (tickets here)


Brighton Fringe 2017!!!!

Brighton Fringe 2017!!!!

Please leave any other recommendations or opinions in the comments! xx Trygve