I have nothing to say

I’ve just updated the Upcoming shows section of the website. and while i was here i thought i’d take a stroll through the rest of the website. I obviously haven’t been social for a while because there is, like, nothing in the social section (this section). Have i been a hermit trapped in a cave?yes. i have. and i’ve really made the cave look lovely. new wallpaper on the damp rock walls, fridge magnets in a pile on the floor beside the cardboard box i pretend is a refrigerator.

Autumn is a fantastic time for fashion. it’s cool enough to have to wear combinations of clothes but not so cold that you have to hide it all under a huge duvet with sleeves to keep yourself warm. and as always i’ve found deep comfort in t-shirt over long sleeved t-shirt fashion choice.

I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth but there is a cukrarna (patisserie) around the corner who do the BEST cakes. so now i love cakes.