I left social media.

Yup. that's right. I left social media. all of it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... that's all of it right? So now I'm going to post stuff here sometimes, maybe often. I'm not sure. I don't have anything to prove. 

It was strange how difficult it was to leave social media, as though i was leaving the planet. friends saying they will miss me and farewell. But I must say that I feel a lot cleaner. You can read about my goings-on through your own free will, not because you were algorithmically chosen. good one!

Also, I'm delighted to announce that i'm nearly off for summer holidays! But first I perform in Bochum on Monday (7th May), at BAC in London (17-20th May), Prague Fringe (25th-30th May), and Bar Jeder Vernunft (5th June).