Sitting in Busan

so here i am. Sitting in a hotel in busan as a typhoon gently laps against the coastline. my head is full of some strange cold, or maybe its just cotton wool which was squeezed into my nose as i slept on the long-haul flight over here. feeling unhealthy is one of my least favorite things to do, i think i should put it down to a lapse in my previously god-like health and fitness regime. I should get back to daily yoga and caring about what i put into my body. but when i'm deep in a cloud of cotton wool, all i want to do is eat greasy chips and sleep some more and drink a whiskey as if that is all helpful.

I have to perform tonight on an outdoor stage as the wind whips the comedy around the cinema centre and up the trouser legs of all the dignitaries and celebrities who will attend. Maybe i should re-enact the wind? then the wind can get mad that i'm stealing all its material and leave. or maybe it will do my act. Tonight, performing the role of Grareth Krubb.... the WIND!!! the crowd goes wild.