WINNER: Auckland Fringe Award for Best Performance, 2013 

WINNER: Chapman-Tripp Award for Most Original Production, 2013

RUNNER UP: Auckland Fringe Award for Best Production, 2013

NOMINATED: Total Theatre Award, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2013

NOMINATED: Brighton Fringe Emerging Talent Award, 2013

Illustrated by Richard Kearney

Touring since it exploded to cult success at Edinburgh Fringe in 2013, Squidboy has been picking up awards and selling out around Australia, New Zealand and the UK. 

This award-winning, critically acclaimed physical comedy is all about the power of a squid's imagination, A Fisherman recounting his past love, and the links that bring the two together. 

Performed on an empty stage, Trygve summons treadmills, bags of crisps, a lion, a dog, a girlfriend and the romance of Jacques Brel with his bendy limbs, rubbery face, and loopy word-play. 

Trygve's playfulness bounces around the stage and even spills out into the auditorium where the audience are invited and encouraged to play along; eating imaginary crisps and believing in the world that is both there and not there.


★★★★ Squidboy is superb! A one-man hour-long tour through silliness and surrealism, magic and
mime, weirdness and wonder
— Adelaide Theatre Guide
This little piece is a gem; the stage antics were clever and very well orchestrated and the acting was bizarre but totally effective and heartfelt. I want what he’s having – what a hoot. Anyone with imagination should experience this show!
— RipItUp, Australia
★★★★ I promise you will leave with a feeling of contentment, whimsy and just a dash of excitement.
— Theatre People, Australia
★★★★ Laugh out loud funny
— Fringe Review, Australia
★★★★ Impossible not to love
— Soundpond
An hour of pure whimsy and imagination
— The Advertiser
This inventive and imaginative character is one of the finest original ideas I’ve seen this Fringe...If you are a fan of Dr Brown and Vachel Spirason of Slow Clap then you’re certain to love the company of Squidboy...Don’t miss it.
— Heckler, Australia
This fruit-loop de la mer can foster an infectious delirium
— The Scotsman
The show mixes the whimsical feasibility of dreams with the disoriented confusion upon waking from
— ThreeWeeks